Final Transnational Project Meeting – MICRO2

Apr 18, 2024 | EU Projects, News, Press & Events

This week Irish Rural Link participated in the final transnational project meeting for MICRO 2 – Enhancing Digital Entrepreneurship of Micro Enterprises in Rural Areas in a Post Pandemic World, in which Irish Rural Link were lead partner.

MICRO 2, was an 18-month Erasmus + project which aimed to enhance the capacity of rural microenterprises to tackle digital and business transformation accelerated by the pandemic by developing training resources tailored to rural microenterprises facing capacity constraints to embrace digital opportunity. This will improve the business potential of rural micro enterprises to play a societal and economical role in their local area.

Together with our partners; IHF, Brussels, Belgium, IDP, Pescara, Italy and IWS, Malaga, Spain we carried out a series of well-defined activities that led to the production of tangible and operational results, and developed:

  • A resilient Digital Model for micro-enterprises in rural areas
  • Map of existing Government policies, agencies, and case studies in each partnering country and at EU level.
  • Development of Multilanguage Training Programme – English, Italian and Spanish
  • Build & Maintenance of the Micro 2 Digital Warehouse Platform – Open, Multilanguage and Flexible Digital Platform

The final meeting focused on fine-tuning the training programme developed as part of the project and discussed some of the outcomes of the project. Each partner developed modules which they then tested and validated with micro business owners, entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. We are delighted that participant target numbers in the test and validation of the modules exceeded 50%, demonstrating the value of the programme for a wide variety of micro rural enterprises in a much changed post-pandemic trading environment.

Full press release is available to read here

All material and modules will remain available on the project website for a further 2 years. Please visit for further details.