RUBIZMO – Replicable Business Models for Modern Rural Economies

RUBIZMO is a new EU Funded Funded Horizon 2020 Project. It is a consortium of 16 European high-level R&D organisations, end-user networks and clusters, experts in exploitation and uptake, and communication and replication professionals across 11 EU Countries.

It started at a meeting in Brussels on the 14th and 15th May this year.

RUBIZMO will identify 50 successful business cases and 20 new business models in rural areas in the participating countries. It will explore conditions for replication to develop four practical, user-oriented tools:

  • A virtual library of business cases, to inspire and inform potential entrepreneurs about business opportunities;
  • Guidelines on creating favourable conditions for the deployment of innovative business models, to help public authorities and rural networks create adequate framework conditions for rural innovation;
  • A toolkit for clustering and network development in rural areas;
  • A transformation support tool, to help individual entrepreneurs understand which business models are best adapted to their situation, and how to go about implementing change.

RUBIZMO will prepare Europe-wide upscaling and replication of models in rural areas using real life cases, taking account of the complexity of transferring value chains. RUBIZMO tools will be promoted across Europe through capacity building and entrepreneurial support activities, and long-term exploitation of the tools will be encouraged through uptake by organisations across Europe., ensuring that the developed tools are relevant for, and reach, more than 50,000 rural stakeholders across Europe for maximum impact in transforming rural economies. You can follow RUBIZMO on Twitter @rubizmo

Towards a more supportive Policy Framework for Rural Business Success

On 24 October 2019, partners from the RUBIZMO initiative, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme to discover the vital ingredients for rural business success, shared their first findings with over 100 European stakeholders, from policy makers to representatives of trade associations and cooperatives, working hard to make rural development a reality across Europe. The event, organised byGreenovate! Europe, took place at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, under the sponsorship of Sofia Björnsson, member of the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment.

After presenting the main challenges and opportunities laying ahead, participants were invited to take a look at the current and future policy framework, including the upcoming revision of the Common Agricultural Policy, but also the coordination work performed by the ENRD (European Network for Rural Development) to link European and national stakeholders. The second part of the morning session focused on the analysis of key ingredients to foster the development of supportive business environments for rural business success. This session was also the opportunity to showcase three inspiring examples of local rural development strategies.

In the afternoon, rural networking was at the centre of discussions. The audience was first invited to discover the networking tool that is being developed by the RUBIZMO project, before focusing on the role of cooperatives in rural entrepreneurship and in particular therural living lab concept developed by the LIVERUR project. After highlighting the key role of innovation in rural development policies, the conference concluded with the Rural Business Innovation Awards ceremony, that rewarded three of the most inspiring examples of rural business success selected by the RUBIZMO partnership.


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