Irish Rural Link discuss TFI Local Link Transport with Joint Oireachtas Committee

May 10, 2023 | News

Irish Rural Link (IRL), the national network representing the interest of rural communities will today, Wednesday 10th May, meet with the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection, Community and Rural Development and the Islands to discuss TFI Local Link Transport services with regards the Rural Transport Programme.

IRL has advocated and campaigned for a viable transport system in rural areas since it was established in 1991 and continue to do so today. It recognises the key contribution that transport makes in ensuring vibrant and sustainable communities.

IRL wish to acknowledge the improvements that have been achieved in the delivery of public transport in rural Ireland over the past number of years, through the Local Link services and the roll out of the Connecting Ireland Programme. However, it will continue its role in ensuring that this roll out realises it full potential and effects change in as many rural communities as is possible.

A better transport system in rural areas, by reducing the dependency on the private car and remove the need for second and third cars in a household, would play a part in protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, in line with IRL’s key values and goals, provide mobility solutions in rural Ireland that are inclusive and mindful of all members of our society.

CEO of Irish Rural Link, Seamus Boland said: “We believe that the challenges of Climate Change, an ageing population, and the requirement to lessen our dependency on second and third cars in rural households provide us with the motivation to contribute to policy direction that will provide both conventional and innovative solutions”.

He went on to say: “We are committed to continue to work with our partners in the Local Link Network to make the most we can from the opportunity of having Ministers within the key departments of Transport, Social Protection, Community and Rural Development whom have an excellent understanding of TFI Local Link and the potential it has to allow both of those Departments meet their extremely challenging objectives”.

IRL Opening Statement