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Our Team have vast experience in advocacy, negotiations and lobbying at local, National and European level. We are recognised as skilled influencers and an organisation who will always endeavour to find a solution to the problem and as a result IRL represents rural Ireland on many National and European platforms influencing policy. We are specialists in public and stakeholder engagement and provide Government Departments, Agencies, Organisations and Corporates with “real” consultation through our participative approach reaching out to the most difficult to reach communities through our broad and inclusive network.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

We design and deliver bespoke public and stakeholder engagement and consultation services.  We use a range of methods including digital, town hall meetings and face-to-face tools to provide multi-channel approaches to formal consultations, in addition to community engagement and deliberative dialogue approaches on more complex issues.

We engage with people as citizens, customers, service users and stakeholders.  Our work opens up insights into their attitudes, experiences and expectations, and highlights the drivers and values that inform these.  We are a trusted intermediary and take an independent approach to monitoring, analysing and reporting on engagement supporting our clients to use the findings to inform their decision-making.

Our design-led approach is particularly valuable for public and stakeholder dialogue projects.  It’s important to understand the landscape in which a dialogue takes place and design a process and materials that will enable the public or stakeholders to get to the heart of the issues and the project achieve its objectives.  Irish Rural Link’s team are specialised in community and stakeholder engagement and have a proven track record in the delivery of National projects some of which are outlined above.

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