Budget 2025 must Invest in Lifting People out of Poverty

Jul 11, 2024 | News, Policy, Press & Events

Irish Rural Link (IRL), the national network representing the interest of rural communities, will attend the Department of Social Protection Pre-Budget Forum today, 11th July, in Dublin Castle.

With an overall budgetary package of €8.3 billion, IRL are calling for Government to now start investing in lifting people out of poverty. This must be done through the social welfare system but also investment in services such as transport, childcare, and supports to low-income households to transition to greener energy.

We are calling for an increase in core social welfare payments of a minimum of €20 per week. This is to restore the 2020 purchasing power and to begin to provide an adequate income for people in receipt of welfare payments. However, we know that income alone does not provide an adequate standard of living for people, especially in rural areas, and needs to be coupled with investment in services such as public transport, continued rollout of the National Broadband Plan, childcare, housing and supports to transition to greener energy.

This is the last Budget of the current Government and is an opportunity to leave a permanent legacy of a stronger social welfare system as well as making substantial investment in transport and other public services to ensure people living in rural areas can fully participate in society.

The full version of IRL’s Pre-Budget Submission is available here